Branding Services

Lets Get Your Business Branded

A companys’ brand is more than a logo. If you’re looking for the best branding services in Toronto we’ll work with you to achieve this goal. Let’s bring cohesiveness and excitement to your brand to attract your prospective clients.


This is where we’ll gather everything about your business to understand your niche.


This is the designing phase where we gather all the information and start creating your brand.


This is the handover stage where all information, based on your design package will be sent to you.

Our Brand Development Process

Discussion and Discovery

This is where we gather as much information from you about your business. Whether its a new business or an existing one. We get to understand your goals, what you're trying to achieve, your market etc.

Brand Identity

This is where we bring your brand to life. We finalize your logo and start building your brand identity.

Your Brand Story

From our discussion and discovery session, we'll start developing the foundation for your brand. This is used on both digital designs and on print advertising materials. This is the message you'll like to convey to your audiences.

Brand Logo Design

Once we know your marketing message, we'll work side by side to create a custom logo design concepts that reflects your brand.

Brand Style Guide

This is a key set of standards that helps you to communicate your brand on various mediums. It keeps your brand consistent across all marketing materials. This includes the logo variations, colors scheme, fonts and more.

Brand Asset Library

Once your brand is fully developed and approved, we'll create a brand asset library that guides you on how to use your brand with the various variations you'll received in your library.

Our Business Branding Services Plans

Our plans are simple, straightforward and designed for your business.










Lets work together!